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This is an example of Southampton’s very own and to date, only bike manufacturer. Ackland was based in Southampton from 1895 to 1936 and made bicycles. From about 1904 to 1925 it also made some motorcycles. The hubs, engine, gearbox were all bought in and assembled in the factory, based at 92 St Mary’s Road. The owner was William Charles Ackland (1871-1942) and his son was William George P Ackland (1903-1994)

This 1922 example exists in Southampton museum, and that is the extent of their knowledge. It has a JAP 680cc V twin engine, Sturmey Archer 3 speed box and carbide lighting. If you know any more about this make of bike, please let us know.

Many thanks to Martin Green for these pictures taken in the museum and to Mike Samways for the picture that shows him riding the bike in 1971.

Certainly there is good claim to the title of the first and currently last motorcycle manufacturer of Southampton.