SBN – Thruxton Motorsport Centre – on the road #3

Thursday 20th September 2018, will see our third trip out on the road travelling by special invitation to Thruxton Motorsport Centre to help them celebrate 50 years of the circuit as we know it, though motorcycle racing had been taking place [...]

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SBN – on the road#1 – hosted by Crescent Honda Southampton

Our first trip out on the road to meet our sponsors will be held at Crescent Honda Southampton in Lowford. Please arrange to ride in your own groups/routes as we cannot be responsible for organising this. You can click this [...]

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SBN Pic-nic – Sunday 19th August – Royal Victoria Country Park – Netley

We know you are a hardy lot and we officially have the most bikes turn up to wet bike nights, but you don't have to worry about this coming Sunday. We have been in touch with the weather and whilst [...]

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